The Baltic States, June 1941. A scenario for SpearHead (or Command Decision).

General Situation:

Army Group North was assigned a single Panzer Group with two Panzer Corps, the 41st and 56th. These Corps attacked side by side. Von Mansteins 56th Corps made very good progress against light opposition, but the 41st Panzer Corps found itself involved in heavy fighting just to clear a way through the frontier defences.

Playing Area:

Each square is an area 2400m x 2400m (2' x 2'), top of the map is north.

Tile A,

Plain & light woods

Tile B

Dense Forest

Tile C

Open Hills

Tile D

Dense wooded Hills

A: 1 medium hill, 1 medium, 1 small wood, 1 field.

B: 2 large, 2 medium and 4 small woods, 1 small hill. 1 Hamlet (1 section)

C: 1 large and 1 small hill, 1 wood, 1 field. 1 Hamlet (2 sections)

D: 5 small hills, 3 medium woods, 1 small wood, 1 field.

Russians set up 18" in from the west edge. Germans enter from the west edge on turn 1.

The Germans aim to break through but must also inflict losses on the Russians. They win if they exit one battalion off the eastern map edge and destroy two Russian rifle battalions. Any other result is a Russian victory.

Time limit is 10 turns, flank marches are not permitted, but normal reserve rules apply. Artillery units have unlimited ammo, no cross attachment or in-game engineer activity allowed.

German Player(s) Briefing.

To: Oberst Stahler, Kampfgruppe Stahler.

From: Div HQ, 8th Pz Div, 23rd June 1941.

Our attack yesterday appears to have taken the Soviets by surprise, however local units close to the frontier appear to be trying to construct a front to bar our progress.Your regiment is to break through the suspected Soviet positions so that the remainder of the Division can pass through it.


8th Panzer Regiment. (Veteran)

1st Battalion: HQ Pz III, recon PzII, six Pz 38t, three Pz IVe. Panzer Battalion has a CZ of 12" regardless of actual strength.

16th Schtuzen Regiment. (Regular)

RHQ HQ & car, 1 Sig 33 company (1 gun), armoured engineer company (3 platoons in 251/7 halftracks)

One Schutzen battalion:

BHQ, nine rifle platoons, 1 HMG platoon, 1 81mm mortar platoon, towed 37mm AT, 75mm Infantry Gun, Engineer platoon. All in trucks.

Detachments: none.


One (105mm) artillery battalions (regular) with three batteries each and FOO in car. May be on or off table.

Motorcycle recon company (veteran) from divisional recon battalion with 3 motorcycle platoons.

Russian Players briefing.

To: Col Pushkin, 451st Rifle Regiment

From: Div HQ, 11th Rifle Div. 23rd June 1941.

Hitlerite invaders yesterday launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on the Soviet Union. Despite heroic resistance there was heavy fighting on the border and our troops have been forced to make a strategic withdrawal. Your regiment is tasked with preventing any further penetrations by the Fascists, but if they do break through, then maintain your forces to seal off their attack.


HQ 451st Rifle Reg: (Random morale)

RHQ with HQ, 1 45mm AT gun, 1 76mm Infantry gun, 1 82mm mortar platoon.

Three rifle battalions each with BHQ, six rifle platoons, one HMG platoon.

Detachments: none.


11th (Heavy) tank battalion with 3 T28 heavy tanks. This unit must be attached out.

Artillery battalion with two 76mm guns and one 122mm howitzer and FOO. This may be on or off board.

Martin Rapier, University of Sheffield, 9th June 1997