Historical Resources

These various historical documents, information from the Internet etc. As I come across stuff I put in here so I don't lose it. A lot of material comes from the US Army Center for Military History and the Foreign Military Studies Office. There is no itention to plagiarise or infringe copyright, and I've indicated the source of material wherever possible.

German Army WWII Tactics Chapter 4 of US War Dept Handbook of German MIlitary Forces (1945) 
Soviet Forces in the initial Stages of Barabarossa Paper by Dr Jacob Kipp from US Army Foreign Military Studies Office. 
US Perspectives of the Eastern Front in WWII Outstanding paper by Col David Glantz (former) director of US Army Foreign Military Studies Office. 
Soviet blocking detachments David Glantz translation of Soviet paper covering the use of NKVD blocking detachments to discourage troops from retreating in WWII!. 
Forgotten Battles of the Soviet-German War 1941-45 David Glantz examines the failures of history in regard to the fighting on the Eastern Front in WWII and looks at some significant, but unknown operations. 
Operation MARS Nov-Dec 1942 David Glantz examines Marshal Zhukovs rather less successful Operation Mars, which coincided with the famous and very successful Operation Uranus (Stalingrad) - this has mega maps down to the regimental level, but is a very very slow to download. 
WWII Airborne Operations German commentary on Airborne operations. From US Centre for Military History
1941 Balkan Campaign Study of the Spring 1941 Balkan Camapign. From US Centre for Military History including maps. 
German Anti-Partisan Operations in the Balkans Study of German Anti-Partisan Operations in the Balkans 1941-45. From US Centre for Military History. 
Battle of the Bulge History of the Battle of Bulge. From US Army Centre for Military History. This is huge, but no maps.
Command Decisions Analysis of critical decision in WWII. From US Army Centre for Military History.
Operation Sealion Account of an exercise held at Sandhurst simulating Operation Sealion
Relative GNP Relative economic strengths of major WW2 powers.
Tank Losses Causes of Allied tank losses and crew casualties, WW2.
Panzer Tactics Brief summary of early WW2 German armoured doctrine at Divisional level.
T34 History Notes on the development history of the T34 tank.
Allied Ground Attack Notes on the (lack of) effectiveness of Allied WW2 ground attack planes.
Colonel Wignams Report Report by Lt Colonel Wignam on limited use of Battle Drill by British WW2 platoons and descriptions of tactics actually adopted.
Men Against Fire SLA Marshalls famous and controversial study of WW2 infantry comabt.
WW2 AT Weapons Penetration An exhaustive compilation of WW2 AT weapon data by John D. Salt
WW2 Weapons Effectiveness A considerable number of War Office operations research reports on weapon effectivness compiled by by John D. Salt

Martin Rapier, University of Sheffield, 4th Jan 2000