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ABC-1         Agreements reached at Washington Conference, 

                 January-March 1941.

ACHSE         German plan to take over control of Italy.

ALABASTER     Troop convoy from Greenock to Iceland 17 May 1940.

ALAMO         Code for U.S. Sixth Army while it was operating as a 

                 special ground task force headquarters directly 

                 under GHQ SWPA.

ANCHORAGE     Code name originally used for projected Hansa Bay 

                 operation. ANCHORAGE was used for ALAMO Force journals 

                 kept during the Admiralties operation.

ANVIL         The planned 1944 Allied invasion of southern France in the 

                 Toulon-Marseille area.

ARCADIA       U.S.-British Conference held in Washington, December 1941-

                 January 1942. 

ARGONAUT      International Conference held at Malta and Yalta, January-

                 February 1945.

BARRISTER     Plan for capture of Dakar (formerly BLACK and PICADOR).

BLACK         Plan for seizure of Dakar (later PICADOR and BARRISTER).

BOLERO        Build-up of U.S. forces and supplies in United Kingdom for 

                 cross-Channel attack.

BREWER        Operations in the Admiralties.

BUCCANEER     Plan for amphibious operation in the Andaman Islands.

CARTWHEEL     Converging drives on Rabaul by South Pacific and SWPA 


CATHERINE     Plan for sending British naval forces into the Baltic Sea 

                 to gain control of those waters and stop Swedish ore 


CHAMPION      Late 1943 plan for general offensive in Burma.

COMET         British plan, not carried out, for an air drop on 7 

                 September 1944 in the Arnhem-Nijmegen area. 

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CORONET       Assault planned for 1 December 1945 on Tokyo Plain.

CULVERIN      Plan for assault on Sumatra.

DRAGOON       Allied invasion of southern France, 15 August 1944, 

                 planned under the code name ANVIL.

EUREKA        The Tehran Conference, 28 November-1 December 1943.

GELB          German plan for the invasion of France, the Netherlands, 

                 and Belgium.

GREEN         Prewar plan of operations in event of war with Mexico.

GYMNAST       Early plan for invasion of North Africa, referring to 

                 either the American plan for landing at Casablanca or 

                 the British plan for landing farther eastward on the 

                 Mediterranean coast (see SUPER-GYMNAST).

HERCULES      German plan to invade Malta.

HUSKY         Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943.

INDIGO        Plan for movement of troops to Iceland.

JUPITER       Plan for operations in northern Norway.

MAGIC         Code name applied to intercepted and decoded Japanese 


MARKET-GARDEN Operation in September 1944 to establish bridgeheads 

                 across three rivers in the Netherlands (Maas, Waal, and 

                 Lower Rhine) and reach the IJssel Meer. Airborne phase 

                 was called Operation MARKET. Companion ground attack 

                 was Operation GARDEN.

MUSKETEER     Code name for a series of plans covering operations for 

                 recapture of Philippine Islands.

NEPTUNE       Actual 1944 operations within OVERLORD. Used for security 

                 reasons after September 1943 on all OVERLORD planning 

                 papers that referred to target area and date.

NORD WIND     German counterattack in Alsace, January 1945.

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OLYMPIC       Plan for March 1946 invasion of Kyushu, Japan.

ORANGE        Prewar plan of operations in event of war with Japan.

OVERLORD      Allied cross-Channel invasion of northwest Europe, June 


PIGSTICK      Limited operation on south Mayu Peninsula.

POINTBLANK    The Combined Bomber Offensive from the United Kingdom 

                 against Germany.

QUADRANT      U.S.-British Conference at Quebec, August 1943.

RAINBOW       Various plans prepared between 1939 and 1941 to meet Axis 

                 aggression involving more than one enemy.

RANKIN        Plans for an emergency return to the Continent in event of 

                 a collapse of German resistance.

RED           Prewar plan of operations in event of war with Great 


RENO          SWPA plans for operations in the Bismarck Archipelago, 

                 along northern coast of New Guinea and thence to 

                 Mindanao, P.I.

ROUNDUP       Plan for major U.S.-British attack across the Channel in 


ROYAL MARINE  British proposal for sowing fluvial mines in the Rhine.

SEXTANT       Cairo-Tehran Conference, 22 November-7 December 1943.

SHINGLE       Amphibious operation at Anzio, Italy.

SLEDGEHAMMER  Plan for limited cross-Channel attack in 1942.

SUPER-GYMNAST Plan for Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa, 

                 combining U.S. and British plans and often used 

                 interchangeably with GYMNAST.

TERMINAL      International Conference near Potsdam, 1626 July 1945.

TORCH         Allied invasion of North and Northwest Africa, November 


TRIDENT       U.S.-British Conference held at Washington. May 1943.

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WESERUEBUNG   German operation against Norway and Denmark.

WESERUEBUNG   Plan for occupation of Norway by means of air and seaborne

   NORD           landings at the most important places along the coast.

WESERUEBUNG   Plan for occupation of all of Denmark.


WILFRED       Plan for laying of mine fields in Norwegian waters.